Follow this checklist to ensure a policy approved party.

Lay the ground work

• Check your policies for drugs and alcohol, anti-discrimination and harassment, plus workplace health and safety policies: ensure they are current and made available to all staff.

• Review your insurance policies to ensure they are up to date.

• Remind staff of all your social media policy and social media etiquette – not all staff may want to appear on another’s Facebook or Instagram account.

• Make clear the policy for inappropriate texts, emails and images.

• If holding an event off site, perform a risk assessment of the venue – keep an eye out for potential accidents or key information to share with staff.

• Take into consideration the various religious denominations in the workplace.

• When deciding on a date and time, consider the different arrangements staff may have made out of hours. A lunch time event could better suit parents and carers.

• Nominate staff to act as “buddies” for anyone requiring help during the function. Train buddies on what behaviours to look for de-escalate potential risks.

• Set up safe transportation options for staff.

• If you allow staff to bring a plus-one, refrain from using gender-specific terms.

• Inform catering of any dietary requirements, and ensure enough food and non-alcoholic beverage options are made available.

• Check all catering and service members have undertaken Responsible Service of Alcohol training, and time limits are placed on the supply of alcohol.

• Underage staff members? Inform the venue of these members and make guardians aware if required.