Paula Stevens-Dunn believes cultivating a leadership mindset is essential for young girls and sets them up for everything they do in life.

Written by Paula Stevens-Dunn, Founder and CEO of No Limits Consulting

I never had desires to start a business. My dream was to become a leader in the corporate world and make a difference.

Unfortunately, corporate bullying and corruption in the pharmaceutical industry got in the way. So I felt if I couldn’t influence culture from the inside out, I’d influence culture from the outside in and No Limits Consulting was born.

Limited Edition Leadership Academy

The Limited Edition Leadership Academy – one of my most popular services – was recently singled out at the largest gathering of female entrepreneurs and leaders in the world, the Women Economic Forum. I was also recognised with the Exceptional Women of Excellence Award.

The 10-week initiative is designed to assist Year 10 girls thrive in their senior schooling years and beyond by helping them develop the confidence to help conquer life.

The Limited-Edition Leadership Academy promises to uncover each girl’s unique code, capture its essence and help her release it across all aspects of her professional and personal life.

The program (suitable for both adults and students) focuses on the ‘five Cs foundations’ of

1. confidence
2. conscious inclusion
3. cultivation of a growth mindset
4. congruence
5. collaboration.

Integrating sciences, positive psychology and leadership are also core components of the program.

Advice I’d give my younger self

For starters I’d be giving myself my Leadership Program and embed those ‘five Cs’ that make me a “Limited-Edition Leader” in my day-to-day life. 

Knowing I have the power within to make my life how I see fit regardless of what others say or try to predict success through grades, is true freedom and liberation.

I’ve created this program because this is exactly what I would have loved to have at 15 and not 40. Seeing the bullying, mental health issues, stress and anxiety in the world today is confronting and it’s only going to get worse. Creating a solid internal compass is what we need more than ever to minimise the external chaos.

I never considered myself a leader when I was a teenager, I never thought I had it in me, no one ever saw that for me and I never saw that for myself. I just wanted to belong, fit in and remain invisible. 

If I had a program such as this, perhaps I would have learned to look at myself differently, give me more scope to dream big. This is something I would like to help our young girls capture for themselves. 

Get involved

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No Limits Consulting have been a member of NSW Business Chamber since July 2017 and was nominated the StartUp Superstar at the 2018 regional business awards.