As a small business owner, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when there is simply so much to do. It becomes difficult to understand where to put your time.

Written by Patrick Stafford

You end up doing too much. That creates costs you can’t measure, because you simply spread yourself too thin.

Outsourcing is the answer. It might be hard to let go, but it’s critical to the success of your business.

Why you should start outsourcing:

1. You don’t have the expertise

You have a limited amount of time. You need to stick to what you do best, and that means conducting a very realistic self-analysis about your weaknesses and strengths.

It’s much better to outsource to people who actually know what they’re doing in these areas.

2. Increases your flexibility

Hiring new employees is great, but they are expensive – which means you should only hire for the roles you need the most. There is no point hiring people who report to you when you don’t know how to grade their work.
Outsourcing also means you can change providers quickly if things go wrong (if outlined in your agreement that is), and it’s much easier than firing someone.

3. Access the best services

In-house services are only affordable once you start getting much bigger. Outsourcing gives you access to quality, expert advice at a fraction of the cost.

With all that in mind, what are the key services you should consider outsourcing? Here’s a list of core services you should outsource:

IT and technology

Running an in-house IT services is expensive and unnecessary when just starting out. Hire those services elsewhere and focus on your core business.


PR professionals are experts in getting the word of mouth out – and you may not be. Hire people who specialise in your industry and have experience with a range of different businesses that they can bring to yours.

Bookkeeping and accounting

Crucial services, but it’s easier to make sure these are done right when you hire respected financial providers who work in your industry. Plus, it reduces the risk of someone getting close to your finances


A key task you absolutely must get right, especially now with so much media growing around underpayment. Get it done right by outsourcing.

Scheduling and administration

You may not earn enough to hire an in-person assistant, but virtual assistants can accomplish many of your tasks for a reasonable cost. Use these when you need to get crucial tasks done quickly.

Any of your weaknesses

Do some self-reflection. Write down your strengths and weaknesses, and focus on the weaknesses then start doing research in locating providers for those services.

With the time you earn back simply in productivity, you can start drumming up more business. You’ll quickly see the money was well spent.