Thank you for your ongoing membership and support of NSW Business Chamber, whether it be by direct membership, or through our local Chamber Alliance program.

NSW Business Chamber continues to advocate on your behalf in State and Federal Government corridors.

It is important to recognise our strength of voice is intrinsically connected to the breadth and depth of our membership base and our capacity to engage members on locally relevant policy areas.

During the past month I met with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian where we discussed some of the challenges faced in the region, such as the:
  • infrastructure investment stimulus
  • cross border challenges relating to payroll tax differentials
  • the ongoing issues with the MDBA plan and drought.
We called on the Premier to bring forward the planned increase in the payroll tax threshold to $1 million, immediately introducing the new threshold for regional NSW businesses to support jobs and investment in the drought affected regions.

Independent Panel for MDBA Socio Economic Impacts

I also participated in a community consultation round table session with the Independent Panel for MDBA Socio Economic Impacts, expressing our concern over job losses and business closures in basin communities.

Whilst it is difficult to secure any significant or immediate policy commitment on these issues, we need to continue the dialogue with decision and influence levels of government such that they are well briefed on these regional challenges and potential remediation strategies.

We will continue to work with government on making sensible changes to policy that will support ongoing investment confidence for the private sector in delivering growth, resilience and most importantly creating jobs.

A visit from the Australian Ambassador to the EU

It was wonderful to have a visit from the Australian Ambassador to the European Union (EU), Mr Justin Brown, who briefed Chamber and industry representatives on opportunities to open up trade export markets into the EU, a very lucrative and high value market.

The Murray Riverina is very well placed with a highly regarded reputation for agricultural product quality.

The discussion revolved around opportunities for unique products with reputation and specific qualities due to place of origin, immediately bringing to mind our Murray Cod, berries, fruit and nuts, lamb and beef which are already world renowned.

So to all you specialist Murray Riverina producers, the EU markets await!

Kind regards,

Andrew Cottrill – Regional Manager Murray Riverina – NSW Business Chamber