Founder of the The Freedom Hub, Sally Irwin, is urging Australian businesses to prevent modern slavery. There are more than 15,000 people in slavery in Australia. Sally’s Waterloo cafe and social enterprise is fighting this statistic by supporting survivors and educating businesses.

The Freedom Hub’s Survivor School assists victims of modern slavery to regain their independence in a safe and supportive environment. 

The upcoming ‘Fivers for Survivors’ day on 16 October is a chance for the community to get involved. 

“This is one day when you can mobilise your networks, work buddies and friends to donate just $5 toward this cause,” says Sally.

Along with charitable donations, the Survivor School is partially funded by The Freedom Hub cafe, which is fully stocked with ethical ingredients from slavery-free supply chains.

“We have been checking our supply chain for risks of slavery and asking our suppliers to sign a Code of Conduct for Human Rights and Supplier Transparency Agreement for years,” explains Sally. 

“We have all the policies in place for HR, whistle blowing, procurement and risk.”

Drawing on this experience, The Freedom Hub is now running workshops to help businesses remove slavery from their supply chains and comply with the recent Modern Slavery Act (NSW).

The training is practical and provides businesses with the tools to make lasting change. Not only that, the profits go towards the Survivor School.

To get your business and community involved with ending modern slavery in Australia, read more about Fivers for Survivors here. Or to find out more about the Ethical Business Workshops click here. 

You can always come for a coffee at The Freedom Hub cafe too!

The Freedom Hub have been a member of NSW Business Chamber since August 2019.