Access the essential services and tools needed by any business to help you avoid risks, and become more competitive, productive and profitable.

Customer Service

  • Business Hotline

    Connects you to the right people for any of your business questions.

Create better business-to-business connections

  • Networking and educational events

    Connect face-to-face with businesses to form new business relationships, seek recognition, learn and share experiences.

  • Online Member Directory

    Accessible to members only – Promote your business to the rest of the 19,000 member base.

Services to help you make compliance simple

  • Modern awards online –Services x 3 Awards

    Stay compliant, meet pay requirements and obligations by receiving updates as your applicable awards change.

  • Online business legals tool kit

    Access to legally approved commercial agreements, templates and other essential business documents.

  • Advice Lines

    15 calls mix and match between legal, workplace and marketing.

  • Legal Advice Line -13 29 59

    Gain practical legal advice including corporate, commercial or property law.

  • Workplace Advice Line 13 29 59

    Seek advice about wage rates, penalties, calculating long service leave/sick leave and other workplace issues.

  • Marketing Advice Line 13 26 96

    Support to help you raise your profile, develop or improve your marketing strategy, campaigns, website development and social media.

  • Consulting

    Members receive discounts across all our areas of consulting and advice.

  • 5% off Legal fees

    Our specialisms include Commercial Law Communications, Media & Technology Competitions & Consumer Law, Corporate Law, Discrimination Law, Dispute Resolution Employment Law, Industrial Relations Intellectual Property. Property Law Workplace Health & Safety.

  • 5% off HR consulting

    We can provide support across all facets of Human Resources and Workplace Relations from recruitment, training, on-going HR management and policies, to termination of employment.

  • 5% off WHS consulting

    Our WHS consulting services can help you assess your WHS and implement best practice processes.

  • Tools

    Online tools to support your business.

  • WHS Self-assessment tool

    Help you conduct an assessment of your safety management.

  • Up to 20% off HR Advance licenses

    Create legally compliant policies, employment contracts and correspondence. www.

Increase productivity and profitability

  • Expert Advice

    We have a range of services across most business areas to support your business.

  • Webinars

    Gain knowledge around key business topics from legislation updates, marketing, business strategy and many more.

  • Apprenticeships and Traineeships

    Free advice, sign-up and Mentoring for your business.

  • Up to 40% off Export Trade documentation

    We can issue and authorise various export documents.

  • 5% off Export Trade Consulting

    We make it easier to build and export business in your chosen export market.

  • 5% off Marketing Consulting

    Helps you with marketing strategy, website development, marketing campaigns and social media.

  • Recruitment services - Discounted fee, 12% of annual salary

    We can assist your business source the highest quality

  • Information

    We keep you up-to date with the latest in business and your region.

  • E-news Monthly

    Business news and trends tailored to your region.

  • Manage your business costs

    We are continually sourcing offers to support our members.

  • NRMA affiliate membership

    Join NRMA through our affiliate package and benefit from advice around compliance and cost reduction relating to your business motor vehicles.