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Tell us how many people are employed by your company, including outside of Australia?

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NSW Business Chamber provides advice in a wide range of areas. How frequently will you or have you needed support and advice on the following?

Industrial relations Once per quarter

Workplace relations, modern award interpretation, pay obligations including annual leave, sick leave and public holiday’s and workers compensation, Termination, and The Fair Work Act etc.

HR & WHS Once per quarter

Employment guidelines and industrial principals, employment law, Risk Management, first aid, responsibilities, injury management, culture, Payroll , Recruitment

Legal Once per quarter

Corporate & Commercial Law, Property Law, Intellectual Property, Competition & Consumer Law, Commercial Dispute Resolution, Communication and Media & Technology

Marketing Once per quarter

Social Media, Website Creation & Development, Online Advertising, Design, Marketing Strategy, online advertising, lead generation

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Ok, last question. How important to your business is networking and attending educational, political, webinar and CEO events?

Not important Very important