At least I’m sure that what I’m getting from the Chamber is accurate and legally compliant. I trust in the product.

“Watching people progress – I love that. It’s a big part of me”, says Joanne McLaughlin, Human Resources Coordinator at Multitask.

Among a range of carerelated services, the organisation creates jobs through disability employment services, helping people with disabilities lead active lives.

“If there’s anything different or new that we’re dealing with, I go to HR Advance first to see if there’s anything that will cover the issue.

HR Advance offers subscribers a comprehensive library of fully customisable HR, IR and safety documents. “It’s a time saver, because otherwise I would be searching the internet, and finding something that may not be up to date.

At least I’m sure that what I’m getting from the Chamber is accurate and legally compliant.

I trust in the product.”
Joanne McLaughlin, Human Resources Coordinator, Multitask
It’s a time saver, because otherwise I would be searching the internet, and finding something that may not be up to date. Joanne McLaughlin, Multitask, Lismore

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