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It's such a privilege to be of service to businesses all across NSW. Here are just a few reasons why these members found membership valuable to them.

Akubra Member since 1924

Roy Wilkinson has worked 16 years for the hat-making business, Akubra. The fifth-generation family business is based in Kempsey and has been a member of NSW Business Chamber for over 90 years.

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Leicht’s Tyre and Auto - Member since 2008

To a small business, $4,000 is the equivalent of several hundred thousand dollars to a large corporate. We can put that money back into the business – bolster local marketing, improve the website, and more.


Doc’s Mega Save Chemist - Member Since 2001

In a small business like ours, every saving counts. We’re now getting an extra saving on power, which means that we can employ more people.

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Regional Integrated Marketing - Member since 2010

The fact that someone like me – a little sole operator – could have access to that level of specialty in a single phone call was outstanding.

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Modular Wall Systems

We are now working to an action plan with milestones. This kind of accountability puts credibility to the program. Talk is fine, but you need support to drive it through.

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Candori Australia- Member since 2014

They were able to match us with the right distributor to maximise our exposure in the Chinese market. We’re on the path to achieving export success.

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Kennovations - Member Since 2012

It was a matter of trust with the Chamber, that’s why I said yes

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Super Air - Member since 2014

We just applied for a government tender and I unashamedly cited our award success in that tender document. We’re waiting to hear back. It has given us a lot more credibility, no doubt about that.

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TAFE SWSi - Corporate Member since 2006

It is extremely important for TAFE SWSi to be connected with business, industry and the community so that we can ensure that our training programs meet their needs. Our membership with the Chamber helps facilitate these connections and enables us to build strong relationships with our business partners.

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Yenda Producers Cooperative- Member since 2010

We could waste half our time finding relevant information, or simply defer to the expertise and specialist knowledge of the Chamber. It’s a no brainer.

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Multitask, Member since 1992

At least I’m sure that what I’m getting from the Chamber is accurate and legally compliant. I trust in the product.

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Excellence Above, Member since 2015

If you have been following me on Facebook, you no doubt would have seen some of my countless videos, photos, links and the like all praising the NSW Business Chamber.

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