A summary of recent wins we have delivered for business can be viewed  here or  by clicking the image below. To view earlier wins for business, follow the links below:   2017 Wins for Business 2015-16 Wins for Business 2014-15 Wins for Business 2012-13...
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It’s less than 10 days until Wings Over Illawarra 2016, one of the largest and best airshows in Australia, will be held at the Illawarra Regional Airport.
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Chinese consumers are enjoying $848 million worth of Australian wines annually, but with 1.4 billion potential future customers, that’s just a drop in the decanter.
19/03/2018 3:18:50 PM
Nigel Ward, CEO and Director of award-winning Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors shares his thoughts on on how employment relations and your workplace could be impacted.
17/12/2018 3:27:27 PM

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Despite focusing on building community support, the recent Federal Budget has plenty in it to benefit small business, from tax concessions to skills incentives.
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With China’s appetite for wine growing, a food and wine match facilitated by the Chamber’s Export Growth China program helped Aussie winemaker Leogate Estate Wines lock in an export contract.
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The Illawarra Business Chamber (IBC) Chief Executive Debra Murphy has congratulated the re-elected Baird Government as well as all the successful Illawarra state candidates and says she looks forward to working with each of them to progress the needs of business in the Illawarra.
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Untangling the red tape involved in compliance is costing NSW businesses $58,000 annually, and 14 hours a week, but there are business wins.
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