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In the lead up to an election it is important that that the concerns of business are represented. We need to ensure that the potential leaders have the business concerns at the forefront of their minds to create business friendly policies

Mid-Term Report Card 2017

The Mid-Term Report Card assesses NSW Government performance against the five key reforms identified in our 2015 campaign Unfinished Business.

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Unfinished Business: Towards 2015 and beyond

Launched 12 months out from the March 2015 NSW State election, the NSW Business Chamber’s campaign platform, Unfinished Business: Towards 2015 and beyond, identified five key opportunities for reform that have been ignored by successive NSW governments.

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Small Business: Too Big to Ignore

Ahead of 2013 Federal Election, NSW Business Chamber united with Chambers across the country under the banner of Small Business: Too Big to Ignore to put small business issues at the top of the political agenda.

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10 Big Ideas to Grow NSW

Launched in March 2010, the award winning 10 Big Ideas to Grow NSW campaign was NSW Business Chamber's main policy platform leading into the 2011 State election.

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NSW Reclaiming 1st

The NSW – Reclaiming 1st campaign saw the NSW Business Chamber host four high-level gatherings in the lead up to the March 2011 NSW State election, bringing together key thinkers and policy makers to discuss opportunities to lift NSW to the top of the leader board once again.

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